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4/25/12 -- BG/Arena Add Ons article
For you add-on lovers, here's a solid compilation of basic BG/Arena add ons you might find useful.

4/24/12 -- New payout rate, new Vial of the Sands giveaway & Rated BG on Sunday!
Sorry to have to announce this but I've cut the guild XP rate down to 100g/100k guild XP, still worth over 130g per arena win! I did the math yesterday and had already paid out 375,000g to guild members since I started the payout system, unfortunately that wouldn't be sustainable through level 25 so I had to make a change.

I will be hosting another Vial of the Sands promotion for May, thinking I'll do it similar to last time where whoever earns the most XP in a given week will win. Haven't picked a date yet but stay tuned, it will be sometime in the next month.

Finally, trying to start hosting Guild Rated BGs and build up a PVP reputation for ourselves on this server, there's an invite on the calendar for Sunday 4/29 - minimum requirements are 3500 resil, gemmed/enchanted gear, and Ventrilo (at least to listen to directions). We need a minimum of 8 guildies to get the XP bonus for it but it looks like we'll have those numbers, if we end up with a bonus then I'll waitlist people in order of lowest resilience/ilevel/gear enchants, so make sure you put the work in!


4/10/12 -- Random BG/Arena tips
I'm going to start posting general PVP tips (a lot of which cross over into general/PvE tips as well), and to start things off here's something anyone who's not already using keybinds needs to read -- Tankspot's Guide to Keybinding. Any time you avoid clicking spells on your castbar is more time spent doing damage or healing, my scientific study proves 99.99% of people who know what they're doing never click anything!

If you're not in the habit of keybinding everything it could take a few hours worth of playtime to get used to, but I assure you once you get it down you'll be a better player and never look back.

Tomorrow's tips-- mouseover macros and add ons

4/9/12 -- Arenas for Gold!
One of the fastest ways to earn a ton of guild xp (and therefore gold) is by doing Arenas with guildies (2v2, 3v3 or 5v5). Each win grants 139k xp, which at the current rate of 200g = 278g per win per person.

The biggest catch is you can't just step into arenas once you ding 85 and expect to have any chance. Sure, you might win the occasional game or have someone on the other team disconnect for a win, but if you want to actually be competitive and start earning real cash (ie, Smackle earned 25k this week alone) then you need to put some work into it. Run battlegrounds over and over and over until you can buy enough T11 gear (ilevel 390) with resilience on it (always get your trinket first!!!) or invest in the starter PVP crafted blues and get your resil up.

Running battlegrounds for honor also gives you the benefit of learning how to PVP with your class. Get your add ons working, set up your mouseover macros, learn how to effectively burst down kill targets, peel off friendly healers or kite when you're being focused. Practice practice practice in BGs and you'll be a million times better when you finally get the gear to start arenaing.

Read sites like for ALL the information you'll need for your class, or ask Teo in game if you have a question. Lots of gold and xp are waiting for those who put the work in to get there...


3/15/12 -- New XP Incentives!
Starting a new incentives program for our top XP earners! From now on, the top 3 weekly XP contributors will get an extra 1,000g in addition to whatever money they earned through regular XP conversion (200g / 100k XP). Just a little bonus to those who are putting in the effort to level the guild, thanks again for your hard work everyone!

3/11/12 -- Vial of the Sands giveaway info!

Monday, April 2nd I'l be giving away a Vial of the Sands mount to the guild member who contributes the most XP to the guild during that week's reset (Tues Mar 27 - Mon Apr 2nd). The winner must also have contributed a minimum of 1,000,000xp to the guild that week (i.e., if the highest xp earned for that week is less than 1 million, then there won't be a giveaway). Each guild dungeon run = 300,000xp so this shouldn't be a hard minimum to meet for a mount worth over 30,000g in vendor mats alone. 

Please let me know if you have any questions, otherwise good luck and good questing!


3/10/12 -- Welcome to the FINER THINGS CLUB main page!

I'll be getting this up and running in the coming days, consider this a placeholder for the time being. 

Paying 200g per 100k xp contributed to the guild! Payouts every Monday @ reset (and occasionally throughout the week) and unlimited free guild repairs. Stay tuned for info on the Vial of the Sands giveaway happening 3/31 4/2!
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